Thanks for checking out the Breadmen’s webpage! Breadmen’s first opened its doors in 1974 by Roy Piscitello. Roy had graduated UNC and really did not want to leave Chapel Hill. When he opened Breadmen’s he targeted the late night after bar crowd, breakfast and lunch. Not too long after he opened up, his sister Arlene, also a UNC graduate came back to Chapel Hill to help him. At that time they also started to look for another location for the second restaurant. In the fall of 1975 Arlene started MBA School at UNC.  So in the spring of 1976 his brother Bill moved to Chapel Hill. The brothers then were running two restaurants, Breadmen’s and Tello’s. They did that for a little over one year then felt it would be wiser to just run one so they closed Tello’s.

Over the years we have changed our hours of operation and changed our menu but we have always stayed with home style cooking-large portions and reasonable prices. In 1992 the old Western Sizzlin’ became available up the street and on the north side of Rosemary St.  We were able to purchase that location.  After remodling, we moved in and made it our current location.


Breadmen’s Interior

We get our eggs delivered from Latta’s egg ranch just north of Hillsborough twice a week. Our meat comes from Cliffs Meat Market 6 days a week. We try to use only the highest quality food and still serve it to you at a reasonable price. We like to say we did comfort food before it was popular. We serve breakfast all day long, and 90% of the menu all of the time. Check out our specials or give us a call.